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Well Selected Premium Arabica Coffee
All Specialty grade and 100% Kenyan
Roasted to order and shipped the same day
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Experience the Aroma and Taste of
Kenya AA Coffee

TruHighlands Coffee is on a mission to deliver the highest quality Kenyan coffee available to the coffee lovers in the US and Canada, and always priced affordably.

We deliver only freshly roasted beans so that you experience the freshest, best roasting aroma that you will never forget.

Roasting and delivery to you is typically within 48 hours.  We do this because coffee tastes best when consumed within 7 days of roasting, so we ship and deliver quickly so that your TruHighlands Coffee beans are at your door at the perfect time to produce the best cup of coffee.

We doing everything to ensure you have the best coffee experience, affordably, with an aroma and taste you will never forget.

Our Brands!

Kenya AA

This is a larger bean and is the highest quality based on Kenya Coffee grading. We provide it in medium and dark roast and offer either whole bean or fine grind. Also available as green beans.

Kenya Espresso

Well-selected quality beans roasted Italian style famous for Espresso shot that forms the basis of Cappuccino. Other special coffees like latte and macchiato are all made from this coffee.

Kenya Gourmet

One of our high range products. A mix of well-selected beans of AA, AB and PB to produce the best cup. We provide this product in medium and dark roast and offer either whole bean or medium grind.

Kenya Household

Our household blend is a mix of average quality beans. Reasonably priced and offered in medium and dark roast and whole bean and medium grind.
For Wholesalers, Distributors, Coffee Shops and others that would like to buy in bulk, contact us for special pricing.