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Kenyan Coffee from TruHighlands Coffee

At TruHighlands Coffee, we begin by sourcing our coffee beans ethically and sustainably, partnering with small authentic farms and estates. We know where every bean comes from and we ensure that each farmer and worker is paid a dignified, fair trade wage.

Our beans come from different farms and farmer cooperatives who mostly grow varieties of Arabica SL-28, SL-32 and Ruiru 11.

Kenyan coffee, which is grown at an elevation of 5,000 to 7,000 feet above sea level, tops the list of the worlds finest Arabica coffee beans. When it comes to coffee production, Kenya has a reputation for absolute excellence. This is especially so because it lies near the region of Ethiopia where coffee beans originated.

Kenyan coffee is grown on volcanic soils and is wet-processed. The beans are harvested and immediately removed from the cherries and washed to remove excess pulp. This process results in a coffee flavor that is full-bodied with heavy acidity. It also displays a gentle floral aroma, as well as berry and citrus notes.

The quality of Kenya coffee is considered among the highest in Specialty Coffee circles. The sweetness, complexity and bold acidity is practically unmatched by any other coffee growing region in the world.

Kenya Coffee quality or grading is based on the screen size of the bean that is measured in the 64th of an inch increment. Larger beans usually fetch more money at the Nairobi Coffee Auction and thereby are considered better quality.

Kenya AA, with screen size of 17 and 18 is considered the best! Kenya AB, with screen size 15 to 16 is second best, and Kenya PB (Peaberry bean) is also considered at the same category with Kenya AB. Kenya C, with screen size 14 to 15 is third on the ranking.

Coffee experts argue that there is no absolute correlation between bean size and cup quality. 

Coffee is a major cash crop in Kenya and many families are engaged in coffee farming for their livelihoods. Small farmers join to form coffee cooperatives through which they market their coffee. Cooperatives can sell their coffee through direct sale to international buyers or through the Kenya Coffee Auction in Nairobi.

Ensuring that farmers and workers are treated well and earn a livable wage is especially important to us. It means telling the stories of our coffee and connecting you to our farmers. It means matching the passion of our farmers with our passion for roasting.

Every day we work towards a transparent model of sourcing. We travel to the origin as often as possible to find coffee, monitor farms and workers, and learn the stories of the people who grow our coffee.

Our coffee is small batch artisan roasted to order.  Coffee is roasted in the morning and most of time shipped in the same day in the afternoon.  We try to deliver roasted coffee to you immediately because coffee tastes best within 7 days of roasting.  And that’s why TruHighlands makes great effort to bring coffee to your door at the perfect time to produce the best cup of coffee.

TruHighland’s coffee means a lot of different things to different people. To us, it means Aroma, Taste, Quality and Sustainability. But mostly, it means doing everything we can to ensure you enjoy the best coffee drinking experience with an aroma you will never forget, always priced affordably.

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We take the time to understand your business and the particular needs you’re facing in order to best help you start and grow a fruitful coffee program. All of our experience in the coffee industry, including our education, consulting, and equipment resources are available at your disposal because as a wholesale partner, your success is our top priority.