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At Home in Cincinnati, Ohio

TruHighlands Coffee is a US based Importer, Roaster, Wholesaler and Distributor of Premium Specialty Arabica coffee from Kenya (single origin).  We offer roasted whole bean and ground coffee from light to dark for the home coffee drinker. 

“Our coffee is source directly from Kenyan coffee farmers of from their cooperatives and roasted and distributed from our warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Our coffee is available for purchase on Amazon.com, eBay, and right here at truhighlands.com.

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From Kenya to North America

Kamau Waithaka, the founder of TruHighlands Coffee is originally from Kiambu, Kenya whereas a young man he experienced picking coffee cherries at his uncle’s coffee farm.

During a visit to Kenya in 2019, Mr. Waithaka was encouraged by a friend to begin marketing Kenyan coffee in North America. This friend had been elected by the Kenyan president to restructure the Kenyan coffee industry following many years being dominated by coffee cartels.  These cartels had denied many small coffee farmers a fair share of their labor while the coffee supply chain has been challenged on sustainability issues.

Upon return from his 2019 trip to Kenya, Mr. Waithaka registered TruHighlands Coffee LLC, secured an office and warehouse, and returned to Kenya to source the best Kenya AA coffee beans.

TruHighlands sources Kenya’s best coffee beans directly from Kenyan farmers or their cooperative.  We will always know from which farm the beans originated and ensure that the right farming standards are followed.

We deliver only freshly roasted beans so that you experience the freshest, best roasting aroma that you will never forget.

Our Team

Kamau Waithaka


Kamau Waithaka, the founder of TruHighlands Coffee is originally from Kiambu, Kenya.  Now Mr. Waithaka lives in the US, where he has been for many years.  He is a graduate of the great University of Wisconsin School of Business and has gone on to start and manage several companies in the US.

During a visit to Kenya in 2019, the vision to bring Kenyan coffee to North America came together through the urging of a friend.  It is now his mission to deliver the highest quality Kenya AA coffee throughout North America while ensuring ethical and sustainable sourcing through farms and cooperatives, as well as a a dignified and fair trade wage to the farmers and workers.

Janieliz Mwangi


Jane is originally from Kenya and Chief Financial Officer for TruHighlands Coffee.  Her love and familiarity of coffee go back to when she was growing up on her father’s coffee farm in Muranga, Kenya.

During the holidays, especially during the December coffee season, Jane spent a lot of time picking coffee on her father’s farm.

Jane and Mr. Waithaka work together in running TruHighlands and in traveling back and forth to Kenya to source the best Kenyan coffee.

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We take the time to understand your business and the particular needs you’re facing in order to best help you start and grow a fruitful coffee program. All of our experience in the coffee industry, including our education, consulting, and equipment resources are available at your disposal because as a wholesale partner, your success is our top priority.